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Armor Security has been providing organizations large and small with peace of mind through security systems for the past 12 years.  Located in middle America, we have grown to service 49 states. We have professionally trained and licensed technicians that can fulfill all your access, CCTV and alarm needs.  We offer simple solutions under one login, so you don’t have to manage multiple logins or apps for each region, district or manager you might have.

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As Director of Information Systems for K-MAC Enterprises, It is my responsibility to provide information to help operate our company in the most proficient, efficient, and profitable manner. With a national statistic were 3% of gross sales is lost to theft in the quick service food industry, we have to do everything possible to eliminate this loss of income. K-MAC currently operates 280 restaurants in 9 states. We made the decision in 2007 to install DVR (Digital Video Recording) systems into a few stores as a test. We received immediate results from our test. We made the investment to install DVR systems in all our 170 locations. The information we are receiving from our DVR systems has went beyond internal theft.
Other incidents recorded and proven have been: staged slip and falls, vandalism, robberies, and arson. The return on investment came at a much faster pace than anticipated. ...Our DVR systems were installed by Armor Security Inc. The initial rollout included 140 systems with 12 cameras, and was performed within a 3 month time period. I commend Armor for their efforts and professionalism to make our rollout quick and easy. Since 2007 our company has grown and we have upgraded our systems to 16 cameras. Armor continues to provide outstanding support for our DVR needs.

Roger Morris
Director of Information Systems
K-MAC Enterprises, Inc.


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