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Cut Insurance Costs with a Security System

August 8, 2018
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August 8, 2018 Armor Alarms

Cut Insurance Costs with a Security System

No, your surveillance cameras are not just extra expenses. As it turns out, installing a good security system can help you save on insurance costs.

Simply put, insurers prefer clients with minimal threats. This means that a sophisticated security system for your business translates into fewer risks for your policy provider. Numerous experts can attest that businesses with CCTV systems and other security features are less likely to be burglarized or targeted by intruders. What’s more, your business will also be better protected from scams and nuisance lawsuits, as the CCTV footage can provide concrete proof of what really happened. This, in turn, means that you are less likely to make any claims, and that’s a win-win situation for your insurer.

In addition to the threat of damage, you can also save on insurance costs if your business has a fire and flood alarm. Fire claims and water damage are among the most common reasons insurers have to shell out money. If your system can immediately notify the authorities before your business incurs widespread damage, then you and your insurer will be able to breathe a sigh of relief.

If you are looking to save on insurance through your security system, then ask your insurer for their requirements for insurance discounts. Then call Armor Alarms to help you fulfill your policy provider’s requirements so that you can reduce insurance costs while at the same time safeguard your business. It’s a win-win scenario: your business is protected and your insurer is convinced that you pose minimal risks.

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