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How CCTV Keeps McDonald’s Safe & Secure

July 11, 2018
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July 11, 2018 Armor Alarms

How CCTV Keeps McDonald’s Safe & Secure

As one of the world’s most recognizable food empires, McDonald’s is at the forefront of security when it comes to CCTV at restaurants. McDonald’s obviously got the security part down right, as the brand continues to serve millions of customers around the world. Here’s how its CCTV system is an actual asset:

  • CCTV at restaurants - Armor AlarmsHigh-definition images assist law enforcement: McDonald’s is known as one of the stores that is the last to close its doors at night. At times, McDonald’s is also open 24/7 to serve patrons who work the nightshift, or even those who are just out on their way home or out at late hours. As such, McDonald’s has created a relationship with local law enforcement so that if police need help solving a crime, the fast-food chain is able to assist with copies of its local footage. This has happened more times than you can imagine, as the popular eating spot is also frequently used for alibis.
  • Cameras discourage bad behavior: CCTV at restaurants also discourages law breaking. Since the CCTV cameras are located in prominent areas, people are subconsciously encouraged to behave better than if they were not being observed. This is also helpful if a criminal is scouting the area for places to break into or burglarize – seeing a sophisticated security system in place is enough for many of them to keep walking and find another opportunity.
  • One security network boosts response time: CCTV at restaurants oftentimes has one security network so that security experts can see what is happening to the brand’s many stores across the country at a glance. The CCTVs are programmed to record whenever there is movement, and they can capture high-resolution images despite the brightly lit store. This also ensures fast response time when crimes are being committed inside stores.

These are just a few of the security benefits McDonald’s has experienced over the years with its CCTV system. If you would like to get more information or install a similar security network for your stores or business, contact Armor Alarms for more information, 913.201.4959 or