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It’s Closing Time: Are Your Employees Safe?

August 29, 2018
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August 29, 2018 Armor Alarms

It’s Closing Time: Are Your Employees Safe?

Security for your employees is so complex, it requires its own checklist. However, there is only so much you can do to safeguard your employees and business from harm. No matter how prepared you are, there will always be factors that can compromise your employees’ security.

What you can do instead is instill a culture of safety, particularly when it comes to closing the shop for the day. A safety culture ensures that your employees are on the same page when it comes to looking out for each other. It also reinforces the safeguards you would have put in place to protect them in the first place.

To enhance security for your employees, you can do the following:

Explain the security concepts. Employees tend to resent security concepts that they think are hindering them from expressing themselves. Unfortunately, this includes the trusty CCTV. Explain to them that the CCTVs and the rest of your security outfit is there for a reason – to keep them safe. The videos from your security system are especially indispensable when it comes to providing evidence and seeing patterns from suspicious individuals. Once your workers realize that security for your employees is your priority, then they would understand the stringent methods you place on them.

Help them anticipate possible problems. Closing time is especially vulnerable for most businesses because this is when criminals think they are likely to score big. Put precautions in place that will not compromise your employees, such as keeping security guards or bouncers in the vicinity when closing time is near. Next, deter unwanted behavior by showing that you don’t take your personnel’s safety lightly. You can do this by putting signs in place that say the vault is on a time-operated lock, or by putting down the heavy grills when your employees are counting the day’s profits.

Security for your employees will significantly improve once everyone is on the same page about your business’s safety culture. Contact Armor Alarms to find out how you can gain peace of mind every day, especially at the end of business hours. Visit