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Three Tips for Enhancing Employee Safety

July 26, 2018
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July 26, 2018 Armor Alarms

Three Tips for Enhancing Employee Safety

Employee safety has always been an critical part of business. The lengths a company or brand will go to to protect their employees are indicative of how they do business and how much they value their personnel. However, simply investing in CCTVs is not enough these days. Closing time is an especially vulnerable time for many employees, as this is when criminals – or even drunk patrons – tend to try to take advantage.

employee safetyWith employee safety in mind, here are three tips that can guarantee that all members of your staff will make it home safe and sound, regardless of your late closing time:

Protect your staff – First things first, employee safety is not complete if you do not give your staff the tools they need to protect themselves. You can give them a basic course on self-defense, as well as provide them with a taser or pepper spray. Having the ability and tools to protect themselves can go a long way in ensuring that your staff is safe.

Secure your store Burglars and troublemakers watch for signs that your business will be an easy job. Make it hard for them by securing your perimeter with bright lights, CCTV surveillance and hiring an actual security guard to stand the door during certain hours. Of course, an alarm system that allows employees to touch a button and summon police at the first sign of a problem can be life-saving. Tell-tale signs of security can deter criminals from actually attempting to start trouble in the first place.

Beef up your routine Employee safety is often vulnerable when your routine is easy to predict. When you prepare to close up for the night, lock the door first and store the money in a safe deposit box. Once the money is all accounted for and your cashbox is locked up, have your employees prepare for the closing. They should keep a close eye on their surroundings, so they won’t be taken by surprise by any criminals. Afterwards, have a security staff walk employees to their cars if they feel unsafe.

With proper planning and technology, you can protect your employees and ensure employee safety is not compromised during closing time or any other time. Call Armor Alarms to help you protect your business and your employees. Rest assured, we have the experience and the advanced security solutions to keep both safe and sound. We have more than 15 years’ expertise protecting some of the world’s biggest corporations, including Verizon Wireless, Taco Bell, Golden Corral and KFC. We’re currently protecting more than 3,000 commercial locations nationwide. To learn more about how we can help protect your employees and your business, visit